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How to Decide Which Real Estate Agent to Hire

When deciding who to hire to sell your home, it can be the most dreaded part of the process. The problem is that everyone seems and sounds the same, making the same claims, the same promises. They all claim only they have the secret weapon to sell your home the best, be it years of experience, a huge database of buyers, territorial fame, having sold the most homes in the area, or by any other endless amount of flexible statistics. So how does all of this translate into the best sale for you? Or does it even have anything to do with it? Now that we are in the age of the Internet, here are the only 2 factors that will get you the best sale and highest price for your home.

SOLD: Updated Semi in Clarkson Village

[VIDEO] Quick Commute To Toronto On The Go, This Clarkson Home Is Ideal For A Family Looking For More Space Without Compromising Lifestyle. This Home Boasts Plenty Of Upgrades…

How Company Culture Dictates Success

This is a story about how my birthday breakfast became a lesson for my business and all businesses in general. Culture is a vague, all-encompassing term that’s easy to ignore on a daily basis. But is it the most important activity for any leader or manager. Culture is always quietly & actively impacting the company, for better or for worse. It’s whether management is steering this activity in a good way, or if it’s damaging by default.

Creating the Perfect Atmosphere is the Key to Home Selling

[VIDEO] Have you ever been to a fancy restaurant, had a fancy meal and thought to yourself, ‘This is the best meal I ever had!’? If you did you aren’t alone. In fact, you went to a restaurant that knows what they are doing by creating the perfect atmosphere. Shouldn’t this same approach be followed when selling a home?

The Positive Impact of Rising House Prices

[VIDEO] While foreign investment in Vancouver and Toronto does play a part in rising home prices, it should be noted that there are some positive impacts from this, including the growth of more affordable outlying areas.

Bait and Switch High Pressure Sales

[VIDEO] Bait and Switch High Pressure Sales Tactics. Always make sure to read the fine print and take the time to understand what you are agreeing too, it’ll save you a lot of heart ache in the future.

Leveraging Your Specialty Online

[VIDEO] Jeff O’Leary, The Village Guru, Mississauga Real Estate Broker Speaks to Ontario Real Estate Agents about the power of leveraging their specialty online.