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Top High Schools in Mississauga

Every year the importance of school performance grows in the minds of parents and real estate investors alike. The amount of people looking for the Top High Schools in Mississauga before they choose a place to live is growing and this is a trend that will continue.

The Fraser Institute Report

There are a lot of groups out there trying to re-configure data to make new scores, but it is generally accepted that the Fraser Report does a fair job at ranking schools.  It includes EQAO scores that test literacy and mathematics, student attitudes about school, gender gaps and so on. The Fraser Report also looks at socio-economic factors, which can directly and indirectly impact student performance. The report is not perfect, as the EQAO scores can be skewed based on testing attendance, and those eligible to write. It’s also notable that the top 15-20 schools can change as much as 8-10 positions in ranking from one report to the next. This is also a reflection of how the EQAO testing attendance impacts scores, which then affects the Fraser Report. But overall, the EQAO still holds some basic value and thus stays part of the Fraser evaluation.

Its best to focus on a school that has a 5-year rating of  at least 7.5, and then you know it’s a school with a solid history of performance. Click on the chart to link directly to Fraser Report Website

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Mississauga Secondary Schools Fraser report 2013
Mississauga Secondary Schools Fraser report 2013

Top High Schools in Mississauga


1. John Fraser (Public)

John Fraser Secondary School 1 The Village Guru

John Fraser  John Fraser Secondary School has consistently ranked as one of the Top schools in Mississauga for many years now, and  is internationally known as one of Mississauga’s top academic high schools. Located in Central Erin Mills, John Fraser is one of many reasons for the high demand of real estate in the area.

2. St. Marcellinus (Catholic)

St Marcellinus Secondary School 2 the village guru

St. Marcellinus St. Marcellinus is the top ranked high school in North Mississauga. Located in Meadowvale Village, St. Marcellinus is a great school for families who want a great education for their children and live in Meadowvale Village.

3. Glenforest (Public)







Glenforest  Glen Forest Secondary School is located in Rathwood, a great family area in east Mississauga. Glenforest is known for achieving good scores in both mathematics and reading.

4. Cawthra Park (Public)

Cawthra Exterior4DSC_1780






Cawthra Park  Cawthra Park Secondary School is known throughout Peel region as Cawthra school of the Arts. Located in Lakeview, Cawthra Park has both a regular school program and a regional arts program, which attracts students from all over Mississauga.

5. The Woodlands (Public)


The Woodlands  is new to the Top 10 List.

6. Gordon Graydon Memorial (Public)








Gordon Graydon Memorial  is the top destination for high school students in south east Mississauga. Located in Lakeview, the school is great for families who need easy access to Toronto.

7. St. Aloysius Gonzaga (Catholic)








St. Aloysius Gonzaga Gonzaga has dropped in the rankings this time around. It’s still a top ten school, but reflects the recent trend of public school making a stronger appearance in the top ten than in the past. Staff changes, boundary changes and other details can all affect rankings, so this is a school to watch; will it climb back up to top spot or will it fight to remain on the top 10 list?

8. ISNA Muslim (Private)

This school is relatively new to Fraser, and doesn’t have enough years behind it to have year over year data. It has hit the top 10 list with strong marks, and is a school to watch. If you want to put your child into a private school that will also offer Muslim values, this is clearly one worth considering. Only time will tell if the strong ranking reflect a long term plan for excellence.

9. Port Credit (Public)

port credit secondary school 1 the village guru

Port Credit  is new to the top 10 Scene. it was always considered an “OK” school, but nothing to brag about. Are more wealthy or upwardly mobile residents choosing public school over private school in tougher economic times? Has the school acquired innovative new teachers who are inspiring the students in new ways? This is a school to keep an eye on in the future to see whether it is able to continue up the ranks in future years.

10. St Joan of Arc (Catholic)

Port Credit  is new to the top 10 Scene. it was always considered an “OK” school, but nothing to brag about. Are more wealthy or upwardly mobile residents choosing public school over private school in tougher economic times? Has the school acquired innovative new teachers who have inspired students to new heights? In such a high demand area as port credit, finally having a top ten school is the last piece of the property value puzzle.

11. John Cabot (Catholic)







John Cabot (Catholic) Located in Rathwood, John Cabot scores very highly academically, especially in EQAO provincial math scores. I included this school because it was in the Top 10 last time around and has a very good reputation. It has slipped to the 11th position, but keep an eye out on this school to see if it can make back into the Top 10.

Didn’t see the school you were looking for here? There are many other great schools in Mississauga and sometimes it’s the difference of a fraction of a point when deciding what schools make the list of top high schools in Mississauga. If you are looking for a top grade school in Mississauga or a top school in another city such as Oakville or Burlington, simply contact me I’ll be happy to assist.