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TOP 10 Paint Colours for Staging Your Home

I have been on hundreds of staging consults over the years, and it seems that time and time again, there are some paint colours that just work. No matter the style of furniture, size of room, they always add a sense of elegance and style without being the star attraction. In staging, you want buyers to notice your best features, like wood floors, big windows, woodwork and fireplaces. These are the features of the home and we want them to stand out. Think of paint in the role of Best Supporting Actor, as it helps to enrich the overall feeling without taking the lead.

Along that line of thinking, you will definitely notice there are no bright colours that hit the list. We don’t want the paint colour to take over the house, or to be the first thing buyers notice. Often bright colours detract from the good features of your home, and that’s why for staging, they are a big NO-NO. Detach your personal style from your home and consider your job is now to showcase your home as close to a model homes as you possibly can. The more neutrally elegant you can make your home, the more buyers you will attract.

Though I had to cut this list to 10, there are really 20-30 colours that are fantastic. And they are not interchangeable. Depending on your flooring and furniture finishes, your walls might look better grey or brown, and sometimes a blue or green. In some cases, a warm mauve-neutral works best. You should always have a Staging/Paint Consultation done before you list, so that you get the advice of a professional and do it right the first time.

All of the colours below are from Benjamin Moore Paint Collections. Click on an image to enlarge.

Need some real life inspiration? Below are some pictures from one of my favourite local designers, Jennifer Brouwer, of Jennifer Brouwer Design. She has a sophisticated palette that always enhances the beauty of the home and its architecture.

Stephanie O'Leary
Stephanie is a cutting edge designer and owner of Style By Stephanie, a design, decor and home staging company serving the GTA. When she isn't making spaces 'pop' she is often seen at antique fairs and garden centres. In her spare time she is Super Mom to 3 boys. For her work check out:
Stephanie O'Leary
Stephanie O'Leary
Stephanie O'Leary
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