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Selling Your Home


Home is Prepared & Staged. Photos are Done. Now It’s Go-Time. Click on a link below to see how we will market your home.

Marketing & Selling your home is like being the captain of a ship; it takes years of experience to effectively manage all the details and people involved. We have relationships with the designers, photographers and print houses who make your listing look fantastic. We have a designated team for conducting open houses and promotions. We effectively manage our schedule to ensure we keep in touch with you regularly, keep track of what’s going on with your listing, and we are there for your questions and to negotiate the sale. With The Village Guru, you are getting a sales system that produces the high quality results you deserve.


We have no control over 90% of the value of your home. These are things we cannot change: location, size and market conditions to name a few. This is factual and based on market statistics. This is the SCIENCE.

Now what gets us excited is that there is 10% of the value that is mostly subjective, meaning that buyers will pay more depending on the feeling they get: décor, furnishing, layout, first impressions, and perceived value of the price…. All things that can be influenced, and these are the factors we target. This is the ART.

Our pricing strategy combines both ART and SCIENCE to get our sellers the most money on the sale of their home.


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Before the Internet, the priority for the listing agent was to “Find the Buyers” using newspaper ads, flyers, etc., to dig them out. In today’s age of MLS &, there’s no challenge to finding buyers; they are on the Internet, searching for homes on their lunch breaks and after their kids are asleep. Today, the most effective marketing strategy is to 1) Ensure your home is well presented 2) Price it right 3) Provide wide exposure of your listing across the Internet. There are plenty of buyers out there, and as long as we’ve presented a product that creates a lot of buyer interest, you will sell for the highest possible price.



As a seller, do not underestimate how absolutely critical it is to have beautiful, professional listing photography. Many buyers will not go to see a home if there are no photos, or if the photos are confusing or lacklustre. We hire professional photographers because they have the eye and equipment to capture your home the best. Professional photos make your home feel as big as possible, they give a sense of flow and layout, and make your home feel brighter. This is just one of the ways that we generate more interest in your home.

Photography and Virtual Tour Sample
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Print material


Feature Booklets, Floor Plans, Direct Mail

It’s important to hit your buyer on all senses, as this sends messages to their subconscious. Professionally designed booklets, printed on heavy card stock, with full colour photos, all speaks to quality and pride of presentation. Those are the thoughts we want buyers to use when they think of your home. We cannot miss even one opportunity to send the right message to every buyer who sees your home.

Sample Feature BookletSample Floor PlansSample Just Listed Post Card




We also offer all of the traditional marketing techniques, as they still do have their merit. You can choose to have newspaper ads, just listed flyers, open houses, and neighbourhood canvassing to name a few. While we believe that these activities are more successful at promoting the real estate agent rather than the house itself, they are all strategies we are happy to implement.

We put 100% effort into selling our listings.

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Websites are one of the most complicated and least understood areas of marketing. It seems like all agents do the same thing because we all say your listing will be posted to MLS and to our broker website. What more is there? A great deal more. I firmly believe in open advertising so that your listing can be loaded to hundreds of local broker websites across the GTA. This doesn’t happen automatically, agents must subscribe to the service, and most owners aren’t even aware of the advertising options available to them.

In addition, we have the traffic numbers that get thousands of visitors a month looking for homes in Mississauga and the west GTA. This is what gives you more targeted exposure.

Social Media

The Village Guru Facebook fan page has hundreds of loyal, local followers, who receive our posts, and also comment on them. (read: they actually like me and my communication with them.) Then, their friends see these comments and posts and also make comment. This is the viral effect of social media. Sharing your home with a community of local people who are interested in real estate creates impact that a newspaper or flyer just can’t do.

Second, we also create Facebook Ads aimed at people who fit the profile of our target buyers. This encourages quality leads with the demographic of people we want to attract to your home. The impact & reach of social media cannot be underestimated, and it will continue to grow as a major source of lead development.

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We think it’s important to acknowledge the fact that showing your home can be stressful. The best way to manage this stress is to set a schedule you can handle. When clients are able to go away for the first weekend the home is listed, it’s fantastic, because the “show home” presentation can be maintained. Moving forward, we can choose a window of time that helps you manage your home and not feel like you are constantly running. Maybe you need from 4:00-5:30 every day to tidy the house from the morning rush, or no showings when your toddler takes their 2 pm nap. Together we will make a plan that works for you.


Does personal service matter you to? It’s true that your home can sell even if your realtor completely ignores you, but how would you feel about the experience? Would you feel forgotten and over-stressed? Were you getting the pro-active advice you needed?

We have built our business on relationships. Trust and open communication is key, and we do everything possible to earn your confidence. We will contact you weekly, at minimum, and send you activity reports. We will ask you how you are doing, and provide you the full facts and truthful advice you need and deserve. For many, this is one if the biggest and most stressful life events, and we believe it is our job is to help you through it.

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Homes don’t sell themselves. Just because we have a buyer who wants your home, it’s not a done deal. One of the best parts of our job is to get you the highest possible price through negotiations. When the price and presentation are correct and there is a high demand for your home, this gives us a much stronger position to start with. It’s always about working collaboratively with the buyers, yet controlling the process and never showing our hand. If there’s multiple interest in your home, our priority is to determine which buyer appears most likely to close on the sale, and avoid the ones who’ll get cold feet. A lot can be determined by how and what they communicate to us. This is the most rewarding part of our job, and is an essential component to a successful, completed sale.

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