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About Sheridan

Sheridan is an elegant and desirable area in west Mississauga, just south of Dundas St W and spanning from Winston Churchill Blvd to the Credit River. This an excellent suburban village  and is always in high demand with families. The 3 distinct sub-areas in Sheridan are Sheridan Homelands, Sherwood Forest and the Mississauga Road Corridor south to the QEW. The age of the areas ranges from the late 60’s to 90’s, plus newer custom home infills and re-builds.

Sheridan Map

Sheridan Real Estate Info

Sherwood Forest is an elegant and stately neighbourhood where prices have rose quickly in the last 5 years, to over the million dollar mark for many of the homes in the neighbourhood.

Sheridan Homelands is dominated by traditional 2 storey homes and back-splits that are in the 40 year range and older. There are some small pockets in Sheridan Homelands that are  less desirable, as they back on to rental complexes, or are located near near industrial land. For a detached home, prices in Sheridan Homelands is on the rise to an average of $750,000. Though not cheap, this is still less than many other areas of the city.

Mississauga Road has and always will be one of the most elegant and expensive areas in Mississauga, with large wide lots, executive and custom homes, as well as older builder style homes that are ready for renovation. This is a fun street to drive along if you want to get a sense of everything Mississauga has to offer. If you want to buy, bring about $1.3 million with you.

Your Typical Neighbour in Sheridan

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Sheridan Homelands is the most family-friendly areas, with the most affordable prices compared to Sherwood Forest or Mississauga Rd. You will see a lot of young families intermixed with long time residents who have lived in their homes for 30+ years. In Sherwood Forest and Mississauga Road, your neighbours are more likely to be older families and empty nesters; upper-income families who want the prestige home.

Score Factor 1 : Housing Characteristics

Sherwood Forest and Mississauga Road are dominated by wide-lot large family and estate homes. Sheridan Homelands for the most part is populated by more modest detached and semi-detached homes. The curb appeal in all areas is good to excellent.

Sheridan Homelands (70’s Suburban Home)

sheridan homelands
  • The majority of Sheridan Homelands was developed as a suburban neighbourhood, with the average family in mind. 
  • The streets are woven together to limit through traffic as much as possible. The parks are part of the schools.
  • Due to the age of the area, many of the homes lack modern designs that are common in newer areas of Mississauga such as open concept living, full ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets. Some homes have be renovated, and you should expect some level of renovation if you want these features in your home.
  • Prices for detached homes start around $700,000 and rise to over $850,000 for the bigger homes and lots.

Sherwood Forest & Mississauga Road (Stately Exec Homes)

Sherwood Forest
  • Sherwood Forest is the “more modest” of the two areas, where there are a lot of large family homes, although some streets are more luxurious and elite. 
  • The Theme of Sherwood Forest is quite quaint, as many streets are named after the famous story: Maid Marion, King Richard, Prince John, etc.
  • Much of the Mississauga road corridor was also builder developed, but you will see lots as wide as 150 and 200 feet, which is unheard of in most areas of Mississauga. As the homes in this area have been updated and the trees have grown in over the years, there is a real character and elegance that is hard to find.
  • Prices in both the Sherwood Forest and Mississauga Rd areas start over the million dollar mark, and rise from there
Mississauga Road


  • Sherwood Forest is comprised of large brick executive homes that were built for a grand impression. The lot sizes, trees and even the street names create a charming  and elegant neighbourhood. This area was designed for the upper-middle class to executive family.
  • For the most part, Sheridan Homelands has smaller homes compared to the other areas in Sheridan, but they are still a fantastic size for the typical family buyer. There is still plenty of charm and potential for impressive upgrades to modernize the homes wich makes Sheridan Homelands very attractive. The lots are a good size for the size of the homes, and the trees are good as well. This area was designed for family living.


  • Many homes in Sheridan Homeland have only one car garage, as there wasn’t the need for 2 cars for the average family from the 50’s and 60’s. Because Sheridan Homelands was designed as a subdivision in many parts, there also isn’t the space on most lots to add on.
  • Sheridan is a more mature area, and if you are looking for a deal you can be sure that you will need to do some cosmetic upgrading to make it your dream home. There are many homes already upgraded, and they come at the premium price
  • Interesting enough, homes many homes in Sheridan are old enough that you might find renovations from 20 or 30 years prior. You should do your due diligence to ensure that the renovations were done properly to alleviate any concerns about any water, structural or electrical issues.

Score Factor 2: Quality & Ranking of Schools



  • All areas of Sheridan fall in the Iona Secondary School district for catholic students, which is in the top 16% of all Ontario Schools and trending upwards.


  • All areas of Sheridan fall within the Erindale Secondary School for public education, which is not a con,  but not an advantage. Erindale SS is an average school just within the top 50% of all Ontario schools.

Score Factor 3: Community “Vibe” and Amenities


  • If you are looking for a quiet neighbourhood, then Sheridan Homelands or Sherwood Forest is the area for you. There’s very little through traffic, and no reason to be in the area unless you live there.
  • There are family friendly parks and it is a short drive to main shopping areas.
  • If you are looking for a prestige home that will make your friends and family take notice, then living off of Mississauga Rd will be a good choice.


  • Sheridan is a quiet area although to be fair, quiet can be both a pro or a con- it all depends on what you want. For most of the area there are nothing but homes within walking distance and if you want even the slightest urban feel, you won’t find it here.

Score Factor 4: Overall Affordability & Value


When you compare Sheridan Homelands to other highly desirable family neighbourhoods in Mississauga, it is still affordable however prices in the area are rising quickly, with detached home prices ranging from $700,000 to $800,000. Sherwood Forest & Mississauga Road is less affordable, with average prices topping 1 million dollars.


All areas in Sheridan offer good value for the price, as the location, size of home and quality of neighbourhood is good. The quality of schools and low walk-ability to amenities are the main detractors of the area.

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About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
Jeff is an Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Rotarian and Community Volunteer. Jeff is also an award winning Real Estate Broker and Industry Speaker based in Mississauga, Ontario. As a husband and father of 3 boys, Jeff has a passion for lifestyle and community. Phone: 905-896-4622 Email:
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
Phone: 905-363-4622 Email:


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