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Port Credit
Port Credit Condos on Port Street

 Village Score 8.5/10   

About Port Credit


From its humble beginnings as a trading post over 300 years ago to its status as the west GTA’s premier waterfront community, Port Credit continues to be one of the most well known and desirable communities to live in Mississauga. Port Credit consists of 3 sections, Port Credit Village (Tall Oaks, Hiawatha Park & Memorial Park), Olde Port Credit Village (West of the Credit River) and Cranberry Cove (along the lakeshore next to the Rhododendron Gardens).

Real Estate Info

Over the past 15 years, Port Credit has been undergoing a major revitalization that is continuing today. Boutique shops and restaurants are opening up to serve the growing population flocking to newly constructed luxury high rise buildings and luxury town homes. Older smaller homes are being renovated into luxury homes that offer an urban-family lifestyle that can’t be beat, and many buyers want to to live here. But be aware, if you want a move in ready home, you had better have around $1 million to spend, and even cheaper “fixer” homes will needs tens of thousands in upgrades.


Your Typical Neighbour in Port Credit

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Port Credit is ideal for the well to do life style buyer who wants a village feel with easy access to Downtown Toronto (in as little as 20 minutes via the Port Credit GO station). Residents in Port Credit like to take advantage of the excellent community amenities including the many festivals and excellent waterfront parks and trails.

Score Factor 1 : Housing Characteristics

Homes in Port Credit are a mix of historic century homes, pre war homes, and post war suburban style houses, condominiums and townhomes.

Tall Oaks Condominiums & Townhomes

Tall Oaks Port Credit
  • Luxury Town homes and condos appeal to affluent buyers looking for a village lifestyle.
  • While expensive compared to most other areas of Mississauga, this style of home provides you the best chance of finding a modern and move in ready space at an affordable price.
  • What you sacrifice in size with a Port Credit Condo, you gain in walk ability and lifestyle. All the best that Port Credit has to offer is within walking distance.

Memorial Park (Pre-War Homes)

memorial park Port Credit
  • Found in older areas of Port Credit consisting of century homes, Pre-war and cottages
  • Pre War Homes that need updating are a favourite of developers and investors. Renovated pre-war homes in Port Credit sell for a premium
  • Great walking lifestyle with shops, restaurants, parks and waterfront nearby.
  • Found mostly in the old village of Port Credit (east of the Credit River) or in the areas south of Lakeshore Rd.

Hiawatha park (Post-War Homes)

Hiawatha Park Port Credit
  • Post War Homes in Port Credit offer the most affordable option for buyers looking for a house in Port Credit.
  • While they can be found anywhere in Port Credit, more of these homes are located west of the Credit River.


  • You find a charm in Port Credit Homes that you just can’t find in other areas of Mississauga
  • Because Port Credit is an old community, the village was built before cars so the area has a great walk score
  • Many homes have undergone renovation and revitalization making them charming and sophisticated


  • Many of the homes are 30, 50, and even 100 years old, which can deter many buyers looking for brand new. It comes with the territory that these homes require maintenance and even possibly renovation
  • Lot sizes in Port Credit are smaller on average then other luxury areas of the city
  • Because Port Credit pre dates Mississauga, many of the great improvements in zoning do not exist in Port Credit like in the rest of Mississauga. In Port Credit you will find luxury homes backing on to rail road tracks or near ugly rental apartments.

Score Factor 2: Quality & Ranking of Schools



  • Port Credit Public Secondary is a fair school, falling within the top 25% of all schools in Ontario. With the shift in housing costs and demographics that is happening in the areas, we are also seeing an upward trend in the performance of the school as well.
  • Port Credit Secondary also offers 2 unique programs: the Regional Strings and Regional SciTech programs.
  • Forest Avenue elementary school is a strong performing school


  • St Paul Catholic Secondary is not a strong school, and does not make the top 50% of all schools in Ontario. (2011 ranking was 432/718) This score is based on many factors including student performance, area demographics, family income, student attitude, etc. It cannot be attributed to just one factor;  the school and its population face challenges that do not exist in other schools.
  • There are very few schools within the area, which means your child will very likely have to be transported to school, which can impact extra-curricular life and family schedules

Score Factor 3: Community “Vibe” and Amenities

Port Credit Dragon Boat Races
Port Credit Dragon Boat Festival


  • Unlike the rest of Mississauga, Port Credit is a pedestrian friendly community. You can go out for a night on the town and leave the car at home
  • Many residential areas offer quiet living with many parks, trails and lake views
  • There are many local events; there’s a lot of community spirit and pride
  • There is a boardwalk and marina along the lake; a great place to stroll with family or friends
  • Toronto is a 15 minute trip, with GO and Highway access
  • The area offers a lot of history and charm that comes with a Village over 200 years old


  • Because of it’s festivals and great location, Port Credit is extremely busy during the months when we have nice weather
  • There is still an urban mix in Port Credit and regardless of your price range, you have to expect a mix of renters and different people from different backgrounds. This is not suburbia
  • There are still many apartment buildings and strip malls that have yet to be upgraded, so not all areas are picture perfect





Score Factor 4: Overall Affordability & Value


  • Port Credit gets on of the top spots in the Village Guru ranking because it offers a lifestyle desired by most home buyers, and it is the only area in Mississauga that you can get it. Having said that, the one huge drawback to Port Credit is its price. It is outside the budget of many family buyers.


  • The main reasons why Port Credit did not receive top score overall is because for the family buyer, its schools are not as competitive as other areas, and the price points is far above the average family’s budget.
  • However, Port Credit does offer incredible value (despite the price), as it’s a community and lifestyle you can’t get anywhere else outside of Downtown Toronto. If you have the cash, this is arguably the most desirable and exciting areas of the entire West GTA.

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About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
Jeff is an Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Rotarian and Community Volunteer. Jeff is also an award winning Real Estate Broker and Industry Speaker based in Mississauga, Ontario. As a husband and father of 3 boys, Jeff has a passion for lifestyle and community. Phone: 905-896-4622 Email:
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
Phone: 905-363-4622 Email:

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