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lake aquitaine mississauga
Lake Aquitaine in Meadowvale, Mississauga


 Village Score 7/10   

About Meadowvale

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Meadowvale is a 40 year old community located in north west Mississauga. Located near highway 401, the community was developed to support the large Meadowvale business centre located at Mississauga Rd and highway 401. Historically, Meadowvale was farm land dating back to the 1800’s.

The major advantage of living in Meadowvale is its sheer affordability and value for the size of home & lot, local amenities, quality of schools and quality of neighbourhood. It is truly a hidden gem in Mississauga that has begun to get discovered over the last 5 years.

Meadowvale Real Estate Info

Most of Meadowvale was developed in the 1970’s although there are some pockets in the west and north parts that were developed in the 1980’s and 90’s. Due to the middle-class working population the area was intended for, the 70’s developments are dominated by townhomes and semi-detached homes. Later developments have a more even proportion of detached homes. The area surrounding Meadowvale Town Centre is densely populated with rental apartment buildings, some of which have been converted to condominiums over the past decade. Home prices in Meadowvale are some of the most affordable in Mississauga, and the area offers great value for the quiet lifestyle the area offers.

Your Typical Neighbour in Meadowvale

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Meadowvale has a real mix of residents. Due to the large rental complexes, there are many seniors & new immigrants. There is also a large number young families who have grown up and stayed in Meadowvale. The people who live here enjoy all it has to offer, and stay to raise their own families.

Homes For Sale in Meadowvale Mississauga

Score Factor 1 : Housing Characteristics

The majority of north Meadowvale is Townhomes and Semi-Detached. South and East Meadowvale have a higher proportion of detached homes. Most of Meadowvale is strong with 70’s organic architecture, with many homes having with wood trim and angular lines which is very distinctive and streamlined. Many streets in Meadowvale have tall mature trees that help with curb appeal, and many neighbours have started to  invest in landscaping since they often live in their homes for many years.

Townhome Complexes

meadowvale townhomes
  • There are many condo townhome complexes along Montevideo, Windowood, and Glen Erin
  • Most are very well run and there has been recent investments in exterior upgrades and landscaping
  • Many are very large comparable to other areas of the city, with large windows and even 4 beds
  • These units would benefit from some cosmetic upgrading, but for a person with vision, you can get the space and style in a quiet and affordable home

Semi-Detached Homes

meadowvale semis
  • There are semi-detached homes dominating all areas of Meadowvale, many of which are of considerable size and with large lots
  • The curb appeal of these streets is not as strong; but the lawns are neat and the homes mostly maintained
  • Due to the age of these homes, you should look out for past renovations and home improvements and seek professional opinion as to whether they are up to code and done properly
  • Many of these homes would benefit from some cosmetic updating, and their size relative to other newer developments in the city gives potential for more open floor plans

Detached Homes (70’s & 80’s design)

Glen Eden Meadowvale
  • An oddity of the design of Meadowvale is that the biggest homes are on the main side streets, with the semi detached on the courts and crescents. 
  • The southern section of Meadowvale was built in the 1970’s, and these homes have brick/siding mix, mostly 3 and 4 bed,  with good sized back yards relative to other areas of the city.
  • The section of Meadowvale west of Winston Churchill was built in the 80’s-90’s, mostly brick front, 3 and 4 bed and all detached. These lots are much shallower and the trees are not as large as in the older areas of Meadowvale.


  • If you are looking for more space, Meadowvale delivers. Both in size of home and lot. On average, 70’s built homes were more generous in terms of back yard size than other newer areas of the city.
  • If you are a sweat-equity type person, homes in Meadowvale offer an excellent opportunity make cosmetic upgrades. If you have the vision, these homes are a wonderful canvas.
  • Though the landscaping is often modest, the sheer size and number of trees makes the area feel lush and mature. Many courts have islands with trees and bushes.


  • Due to the age of the homes, its very possible that past renovations have been done. I would recommend obtaining the advice of a professional to determine if they were done properly or if there might be any potential issues.
  • If you want a turn-key property, it will be much harder to find in Meadowvale. Though some homes have been updated to modern day style, most will require some level of upgrades if this style is important to you.

Homes For Sale in Meadowvale Mississauga

Score Factor 2: Quality & Ranking of Schools




  • The majority of Meadowvale falls within the boundaries of the public school, Meadowvale Secondary. Though trending upwards in reports, it has not historically been a top ranked school.


Score Factor 3: 
Community “Vibe” and Amenities

Lake Wabukayne _2012-4



  • Meadowvale boasts two man-made lakes (Wabukayne & Aquataine) as wells as secluded parks and many kilometres of walking trails. This area is wonderful for people of all ages to get out and stay active.
  • The Meadowvale Community Centre is scheduled for a complete demolition and re-build, and will be a beautifully modern facility perched with views of the lake.
  • Shopping is abundant in Meadowvale, with Centres at the 401, Battleford, and 5 minute drive to Erin Mills Town Centre and into Streetsville.
  • Commuting from Meadowvale is convenient, with two GO Train station, and quick access to the 401 and 407.


  • Having lived in Mississauga my entire life, I am well aware of the past reputation of Meadowvale; back when many other areas of the city were affordable to the average buyer. But over the past decade, as many neighbourhoods have stretched outside the average family buyer’s budget, Meadowvale has been regenerated by many young families looking for a quiet place to live that offers good schools and amenities. However, as quiet, family-friendly and accessible as Meadowvale is today, it takes a long time to overcome past reputations
  • If you are looking for picket-fence suburbia, Meadowvale is not it. It definitely has a more urban vibe, with the apartments buildings and condos. There is a diversity of people of all income levels that you must embrace in Meadowvale, it is not a 1-dimensional village.

Score Factor 4: Overall Affordability & Value


This area is very affordable for the average family buyer, with condo-towns around $300,000, semi’s around $400,000 and small homes from $450,000 to around $650,000 for premium homes.


Meadowvale scored an 7/10 because the value is one of the highest in the city. Meadowvale has so much to offer the family buyer, and it is a quiet and safe community with loads of potential. Its biggest downfall is that the age & style of home is not what most younger buyers crave, and it has a past reputation that it is still in process of overcoming.

Meadowvale Houses and Condos For Sale

Popular Sub Neighbourhoods in Meadowvale:

Windwood (South Meadowvale)

Miller’s Grove (West Meadowvale)

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About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
Jeff is an Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Rotarian and Community Volunteer. Jeff is also an award winning Real Estate Broker and Industry Speaker based in Mississauga, Ontario. As a husband and father of 3 boys, Jeff has a passion for lifestyle and community. Phone: 905-896-4622 Email:
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
Phone: 905-363-4622 Email:

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