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Churchill Meadows

 Village Score 7/10   

About Churchill Meadows

Churchill Meadows

Churchill Meadows is a highly sought after master planned community built over the past decade in west Mississauga. Located west of Winston Churchill, north of highway 403 and south of Britannia Rd W, the community is ideally located for local commuters.

Compared to nearby Erin Mills which delivers the suburban dream, Churchill Meadows was designed to with the future in mind as a more Urban Walking Lifestyle Village. Smaller lots, grid streets, work/live homes, integrated parks and schools, and planning for infill of amenities as the population rises. The architecture of Churchill Meadows, especially in the southern half of the Village is quite notable, these are not brick boxes.

Churchill Meadows Real Estate Info

Churchill Meadows is the most in demand of the newer, large subdivision in Mississauga. Well constructed homes with smartly laid out streets make Churchill Meadows a great destination for family buyers. For the price, the lots are especially small, with 80 feet depths on average. Prices have risen dramatically since first construction, signalling the desirability of the area. Now that the majority of the area has been built, prices are stabilizing and coming in line with average market appreciation.

Your Typical Neighbour

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Churchill Meadows is a diverse, upwardly mobile, cosmopolitan community.  Much of Churchill Meadows is made up of double income, professional families who are looking for a great home and who are willing to forego land size for modern finishes, layouts and design. These are not people who want to spend their weekend mowing lawns and pruning rose bushes, but prefer an active, more urban style of life.

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Score Factor 1 : Housing Characteristics

Aesthetically, the architecture in Churchill Meadows is very nice. Builders paid particular attention to detail on home exteriors, with classic designs using modern materials. The interior of homes are generally well laid out and incorporate all of the modern day amenities home buyers expect.

Low Rise Condos, Town Homes and Semi Detached Homes

Townhomes churchill meadows
  • Almost all of the main streets are lined with medium density townhomes, low rise condos and work/live developments. 
  • These homes are in high demand with younger buyers because the maintenance costs are considerably lower on newer homes
  • Average Price range: 300,000 to over 500,000

Detached Family Homes

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  • Churchill Meadows has a large amount of detached homes
  • Homes have modern design and floor plans
  • Neighbourhood is good for families with children
  • Many homes are turn key
  • Average Price Range: 600,000 to 800,000

Luxury Homes

luxury homes churchill meadows
  • While not known as a “Luxury Neighbourhood” Churchill Meadows has a number of very impressive, luxury homes.
  • These homes are built to high end specs and have great detail
  • This style of home appeals to high end buyers looking for a show stopper home with not a lot of land to maintain.
  • Average Price Range: starting around 900,000 and up from there


  • Homes were built to be turn-key, and require less maintenance than older homes in more mature neighbourhoods such as Erin Mills and Meadowvale.
  • On the whole, Churchill Meadows is a very well planned sub division.
  • Schools and parks are numerous and integrated well into the community.
  • The classic exterior design of homes and attention to detail will never go out of style.


  • For the same reason that makes Churchill Meadows a high demand neighbourhood (newer homes, less maintenance compared to older areas…etc), homes tend to sell for a premium.
  • Churchill Meadows is very densely populated for a sub division. Most homes are on very small lots and if you value backyard privacy I would think twice about this area.

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Score Factor 2: Quality & Ranking of Schools



  • Churchill Meadows is great for families with children and both the Public and Catholic schools score well on reports. It is my prediction that, as newer built schools, they will continue to rise in esteem and standing.


  • There is really nothing to report that is negative about schools in Churchill Meadows. While neither secondary school in Churchill Meadows- Stephen Lewis (Public) or St. Joan of Arc (Catholic) made the list of TOP 10 Schools in Mississauga, both schools score very high on the Fraser report, EQAO and are in the top 20% of all high schools in Ontario.


Score Factor 3: Community “Vibe” and Amenities


  • Churchill Meadows has many small and large parks woven throughout the neighbourhood.
  • Though not within walking distance, Erin Mills Town Centre is a 5 minute drive.
  • Amenities will become more within walking distance as stores and local businesses open in the work/live condos built in along Thomas and other main streets.


  • It will take a number of years for the amenities to fully develop in Churchill Meadows. Depending on where you live, you still may have to drive, even to a corner store.
  • Amenities such as the Churchill Meadows Community Centre and the parks are designed around families. If you are looking for more of a nightlife, you will need to go elsewhere in the city to find it. (not uncommon to any community in the North of Mississauga)

Score Factor 4: Overall Affordability & Value


Churchill Meadows is affordable for middle to upper middle class buyers. Many families have their parents or in-laws living with them, as the homes are large enough, and this helps with daycare costs to offset the cost of the homes. The homes are also lower maintenance and no renovations are required. For those who might not have a lot of cash for upgrades but can get a good mortgage, this area is ideal.


I believe that Churchill Meadows is a neighbourhood that will age nicely. Homes are well designed and given the fact that this is the last of the large sub divisions, Churchill Meadows will always be in demand for families looking to live in Mississauga.

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About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
Jeff is an Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Rotarian and Community Volunteer. Jeff is also an award winning Real Estate Broker and Industry Speaker based in Mississauga, Ontario. As a husband and father of 3 boys, Jeff has a passion for lifestyle and community. Phone: 905-896-4622 Email:
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
Phone: 905-363-4622 Email:

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