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We’re working for you long before the “For Sale” sign goes up. Click on a link below to find out how we help sellers sell for more.



When you hire us to sell your home, we get to work right away, providing you the essential services for getting you top dollar. It’s a fact that 90-95% of your home’s value is already pre-determined by location, size, and the current market. It’s the last 5-10% – “the sweet spot” where home preparation, presentation and home staging becomes critical.

The first step is a consultation with Stephanie, our team’s Home Stager & Decorator, where she will create a customized staging & home preparation plan. Once you decide what you feel comfortable doing, Stephanie will meet with you regularly to assess your progress and problem solve any challenges that arise. Need help choosing materials? She’ll meet you at the store to show you the best options to get the most bang for your buck. Stephanie can help coordinate any contractors you need and she will manage the entire staging installation. You receive ongoing service long before your home is listed and this is how we are different, and how we get our clients more money on the sale of their home.

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Our steps to a successful sale.




Before it is pretty, it must work. Although we love to style and prop our listings, we start with repairs and possible upgrades because this shows pride of ownership. Buyers want homes that are maintained and well taken care of. Home Staging can’t hide broken tile or leaky sinks. Our first priority is always deciding what repairs you can reasonably accomplish that will actually protect the value of your home. If you can do nothing else, addressing bothersome maintenance issues ensures that even the most work-averse buyer can be attracted to your home.



It is very common for us to see homes that either have too much furniture or the wrong size furniture. When it’s time to stage, the furniture arrangement is a critical factor to a buyer’s perception of the home’s square footage. Stephanie will make floor plans for your rooms, using as much of your furniture as she can, to ensure that the layout maximizes how big each room can feel. More square footage (real or perceived)  = more money.

P.S., Empty rooms often feel smaller than staged rooms, because there is nothing to provide a proper sense of scale. It also makes the listing photos particularly bland and confusing. So before you clear everything out of room, give us a call.

Floor Layout


lighting use v2


Lighting is nothing short of magical in the sale of your home, because buyers love to buy bright, airy homes. Lighting also provides more than a 100% return on investment, so we often suggest investing in this area of your home because we know you always get the money back. The first and cheapest solution is to ensure all of your blinds and drapes are pulled open for viewings so that you let as much natural light in as possible. A beautiful chandelier can also provide a boxy room some architectural interest, and we can use hanging lights as focal points. Stephanie is always sourcing the most stylish, economical lighting options for our clients, and it’s what provides that WOW factor.



Creating a harmonious colour story through paint, art and accessories is a key element to proper staging. First, we will provide you paint colours that are fresh, neutral, and will compliment the fixed elements of your home, because every buyer appreciates a freshly painted home that is sure to coordinate with their belongings. Once we have set the proper backdrop, Stephanie will bring in pillows, art, and accessories that create an appealing colour story and strong focal points. These items are brought in at no extra charge to you. This makes listing pictures pop with interest, because we need to grab the eye of picky buyers who want to be wowed by the photos before deciding to see your home in person.

art and accessories


Modern living-room.


We are constantly adding to our staging inventory and it is all stored in our secured warehouse. We have a wide variety of accessories as well as chairs, tables, kitchen sets, and prop beds (not for sleeping). We often use a large majority of what you already have, but if there are gaps that need to be filled, we can do that for you at no additional charge.

Sometimes a seller might not have large key pieces, like a sofa or a dining table (or they are the wrong scale or extremely dated). If that is the case we explore all options with you, as you might be able to borrow furniture from a friend or family member, or we can provide rental options as well. If you decided to bring in rental furniture. Stephanie has connections with the most competitive rental companies around, and can get you the best price.



All of this work is to create “that feeling” buyers want to have about the home they buy. It’s never a 100% logical process, there is a very large emotional factor we need to appeal to. We get the best results when we provide you more guidance and service throughout the pre-listing phase, which is necessary to achieving the highest possible sales price.

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