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There’s a lot that goes into buying a home.


When you work with The Village Guru, we want you to be informed and educated. We know you will have a much better experience if you can be prepared about what to expect throughout the home buying process. We want to have answered all of your questions before you even asked them. There is a system to buying a home, and when we use the system, it eliminates the confusion and indecision so many home buyers have experienced in the past.

The Village Guru focuses on Lifestyle Real Estate, where you are not simply buying a home, but also the neighbourhood, the amenities and the lifestyle that comes with it. Part of our job is ask you plenty of questions to really get to know you and your priorities. We use this information to provide you customized advice to get you to your goals, and filter down your options until we find your next dream home. The home buying process doesn’t have to be confusing, check below to see how we work, step by step.


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Setting a budget is the first step on your way to purchasing a home. Determining how much you can afford starts with getting a pre approval from lender, and then it also involves some reflection on your personal lifestyle and goals to come up with what you are comfortable spending. Once this is completed, we work with our clients to help them obtain the best best financing at the lowest rates, and also to provide options based on your desired price range. Finally, we also go over all the hidden costs associated with buying a home, so you are prepared ahead of time. We hate surprises too.

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From my years of experience, I have noticed that many home buyers (and their agents) are all too quick to get out here and start looking at homes. While this may seem like the first logical step, rushing out can actually work against you. Taking 30 minutes before starting a search can make the process that much more enjoyable. A consultation can answer many of your questions such as: How We Work With Buyers? How The Process Works? Paper Work and Legal Questions and What to Expect Over the Course of Our Relationship. From Our Standpoint, it allows us to learn even more about you, including what type of buyer you are, how you like to be communicated with and your expectations of us during the process.

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Over the years, we have developed a system that we think is second to none at helping you find the right home and we think it’s important that you know what we do ahead of time. From auto listings to manual searches, we go over in detail what we do for our clients. After all, getting help to find the right home is the reason you hire a real estate agent in the first place. We want you to be confident that we are doing all we can!

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Everyone wants to know they are getting a good price and not over paying for a home. When it comes to determining market value for a home, this is where we like ‘walk the walk’. We spare no time or expense to ensure you are armed with the most up to date information to ensure you make the best decision. From our CMA Plus to tax roll assessments, and square footage comparisons, we have you covered.

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You’ve found the home, determined the value and now it’s time to put pen to paper. Knowing what to expect ahead of time will prepare you for the process and make the experience that much more satisfying.

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Congratulations, you’ve bought a house. Well, you are on your way to buying a house. The time from offer acceptance to closing can be a busy time, navigating conditions, dealing with financing and getting everything prepared for the day you move into your new home.

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