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Why I Love Eagle Ridge

Eagle Ridge is one of only a handful of communities in that has 24 hour gated security
Eagle Ridge is one of only a handful of communities in that has 24 hour gated security.

Built in 1990, The Eagle Ridge condominium community in Erin Mills is a gated condominium community consisting of 2 high rise buildings and a number of executive town homes. Close to shopping , transit and amenities, Eagle Ridge is a favourite destination for people looking to downsize and still live in luxury.

Eagle Ridge consists of 2 high rise condominium buildings located at 2155 & 2177 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, and a series of executive town homes at 2199 Burnhamthorpe Rd W. The gated community is surrounded by forest trails on three sides and is directly across from South Common Mall, which is convenient for shopping and transit. Residents from both the high rise buildings and town homes have access to the recreation centre located in the centre of the community.

Arial view of Eagle Ridge, Mississauga
Arial view of the Eagle Ridge Condominium Community, Erin Mills, Mississauga

Buyers Who Should Consider Eagle Ridge:


1) The Downsizer

Eagle ridge is a great option for someone looking to downsize from a larger home but still stay in the Erin Mills area. Many residents like Eagle Ridge because everything is taken care of which allows them to travel and spend less time looking after a home. The size of the units at Eagle Ridge are much larger on average than most condo buildings in Mississauga and this is appealing for someone who is downsizing from a large home but not quite ready to live in a shoe box.

2177 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Eagle Ridge Condos, Mississauga
Entrance to 2177 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Eagle Ridge Condos, Mississauga

2) The Outdoorsy Type & Health Conscious:

Eagle Ridge has a fantastic recreation centre that has a pool, exercise room, billiards and other activities. Located in the middle of the complex, the recreation centre also has well manicured outdoor spaces that are great for relaxing on a nice day. The complex also backs onto the trail system, which connects you to the Glen Erin and Sawmill Valley trail systems. As a kid I used to go biking on these trails all the time, and they are great for strolling or biking through nature.

Indoor Lap Pool at the Eagle Ridge Rec Centre. 2155, 2177, 2199 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga
Indoor Lap Pool at the Eagle Ridge Rec Centre. 2155, 2177, 2199 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga

3) The Home Improvement Enthusiast

Unlike newer condos that have more modern finishes, units at Eagle Ridge are over 20 years old and many are in need of cosmetic upgrading and this is a great opportunity for someone who wants to add their personal touch to a space. On average, the price per square foot in Eagle Ridge is less than newer buildings in the area, while at the same time condos and town houses that have been cosmetically updated can sell for quite a bit more than ones in original condition.

4) Security

Security at Eagle Ridge is very good and it’s one of the community’s best features. One of only a handful of gated communities in Mississauga, guests to the complex must check in at the security gate before being allowed on the property. The area and buildings are also monitored by closed circuit cameras so you can feel safe in your home. Many of the town home residents choose Eagle Ridge because they can travel and not worry about their home while they are away.

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Buyer Who Might not Love Eagle Ridge:

Just like ANY neighbourhood, Eagle Ridge is not for everyone, and I think it’s very important to know the downsides so that you can make a fully informed decision. 

1) Families with young children

While there are no rules and children are welcome, I haven’t seen too many children on my many visits to Eagle Ridge. The complex is quiet and geared more towards adult lifestyle living.

Children's Playground Eagle Ridge
Children’s Playground at Eagle Ridge is a great place to take the grandchildren when they visit

2) Newer Home Seekers

As mentioned previously on this page, Eagle Ridge is over 20 years old now and buyers looking for a newer condo with more modern finishes will probably want to pass on this community. Also, due to the age of the community and the abundance of amenities, condo fees are typically higher at Eagle Ridge than many newer buildings. Having said that, I believe you get what you pay for and when you add up the additional amenities such as hydro and cable TV, combined with larger floor plans (which you won’t get included in a newer condo) the fees are actually reasonable. Still, to a buyer looking to save as much as possible they will probably look elsewhere.

I hope you liked my description of Eagle Ridge, if this is a community that interests you let’s talk!

The most comprehensive guide to Mississauga's neighbourhoods on the web!
The most comprehensive guide to Mississauga’s neighbourhoods on the web!

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About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
About The Village Guru: Jeff O'Leary
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