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The Village Guru Buyer Guarantee

Real Estate is a Service Industry and we have not forgotten this along the way. The Village Guru exists to provide you excellent service and a positive experience, we guarantee it.

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seller-guarentee Respect

When you decide to work with the Village Guru, you have our undivided attention. We ensure you feel informed, supported and confident every step of the way. We maintain regular communication with you from the first meeting to long after you close on your new home. We keep your best-interests and goals at the forefront of everything we do, because your satisfaction is our priority.

seller-guarentee Communication

To us, communication means learning to understand who you are. Everyone has different personalities, expectations, stress points and reactions. If we don’t take the time to really get to know who you are and how you interact with others, miscommunication and conflict are inevitable. When you hire an advisor like The Village Guru, we take the time to build trust so that we can work together to get you to your goals.

seller-guarentee Truthful

Being truthful is the difference between providing you mediocre and superior service, and superior service earns us more business. It’s truly is a win-win and the only proper way to conduct our business.

seller-guarentee Professional

There’s some pretty high standards at The Village Guru. We do all the little things, like show up on time, return your calls, and be proactive in our service to you. We also treat other realtors respectfully; we follow expected industry practices and procedures, so that the reputation of The Village Guru precedes us.

seller-guarentee Expertise

Technology has enabled agents to work all over the GTA but an expert this does not make. The Village Guru is an expert in Mississauga & Oakville because we’ve served so many buyers over the years, and have been in hundreds of properties. We know the real deal about the neighbourhood from the inside out, as there is a lot of info that doesn’t show on an MLS sheet. Local realtors are better realtors, so we focus on our area of expertise and do it best.

seller-guarentee Privacy

We respect our clients privacy and will never share your personal information. We only use your information to do the job you’ve hired us for- to buy and/or sell real estate.

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